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Melchior von Neumann
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Character's name: Melchior von Neumann aka Pygmalion.
Character's age: Unknown (but older than Helga).
Character's gender: Male.
Series the character is from: Trinity Blood.

Background: Melchior was born into the nobility of Ostmark (how Austria was called before King Ludwig II of Germanicus conquered the territories and assimilated them) from a Terran father and a Methuselah mother. He’s the brother to the Duke Balthasar von Neumann and the black sheep of the family, Kasper. Melchior joined the Rosencreutz Orden with his brothers and his beloved “Madam Griffin,” Helga von Vogelweide to whom he assists in her greedy schemes. They all used to live together in the once Flying Fortress headquarters in Vienna.

Within the Orden, he is an Adeptus called Pygmalion, the Puppet King, with a disturbing fetish for rare autodolls of his own exclusive manufacture (deadlier and unkind versions of the persocoms of Chobits, if someone knows the title). His best creation is Sieglinde whose broadsword is able to sever the bioorganic strings of his rival, Dietrich von Lohengrin.

Inside the series, Melchior’s most memorable moments were during the attack to Caterina Sforza’s villa in Milano alongside with his brothers (Named as Operation Birdcage); and, after that, he was Helga’s accomplice against the Magician and Puppet Master. His final fate during the last act is unknown, but he is regarded as dead after the collision of the fortress.

Personality: Melchior is a rather quiet, withdrawn man; he isn’t very social or is one to care for pleasantries like Balthasar or Helga do. He prefers to spend time locked up with his “family” and his “dolls” than meet new people. Furthermore he can be polite enough when situation calls (most of the time with an air of indifference), despite being so snobby and childish beneath all that noble poise.

Melchior is very proud of his heritage, and is always reminding Kasper to not shame their dignity and name. He doesn’t care as much for Cain as he does for Helga or Balthasar. There is a boiling hatred in his heart for everything Dietrich represents: a Terran Germanicus noble brat who has outranked and outmatched his skills as puppeteer within the Orden. He can be as twisted and sadistic as the Puppetmaster when comes to torture.